We are ´The Lion´ (Luke) and ´The Eagle´ (Chuck).
Combined we are: Lion Eagle Productions. Our passion for cinema brought us together almost 2 years ago. We create cinematic projects. Operating from the beautiful southern city of Tilburg, ready to changes lives of millions of people.

Achievements were we can be proud on. Great results for our clients, amazing Hollywood-esque films and series brought into the cinemas worldwide. All through storytelling in a cinematic way, because every story deserves to be told in an unique style.

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The Lion

´The Lion´, Luke, born in the Netherlands, in the year classics as ´Reservoir Dogs´, ´Scent of a Woman´, ´Basic Instinct´ and ´A Few Good Man´ were released. 
With an experienced background as an actor/presenter and producer he knows whats involved to get projects from the ground.
Thinking in a creative way to bring a solution in all kinds of situations makes ´The Lion´ strong. With a healthy dose of dare he goes for his goal: creating cinematic wonderpieces to the big screen seen by millions of people to inspire, support and love.
´The Lion´ is goal oriented in bringing all parts together. The communicator of the two. 
Failure is not in his vocabulary. ´Fall seven times, get up eight´ is the quote of Denzel Washington, which ´The Lion´ uses as a common thread in his life and career.
´The (Dutch) Lion´ is ready to show the world what he can create combined with ´The (American) Eagle´.


The Eagle

Charles W. Gordon III, a.k.a. THE EAGLE, is co-founder of Lion Eagle Productions. He is an American writer and visionary who specializes in designing concepts, scenarios, commercials, corporate videos, as well as TV series and feature films. 

"Honesty and sincerity go a long way... maximize your efforts, put the work in... for yourself, the client, the audience  -- show them that you are IN IT TO WIN IT.´´


Armed with an unparalleled imagination and second to none work ethic, Charles takes his imagination and passion to create, and strives to  deliver originality and quality with every project he is attached to.  Through all stages of development, whether it's... an idea to brainstorming... scribbling notes to fingers racing over a keyboard... reading over drafts and making adjustments... as well as story boarding and on-set direction.   Rest assured, with the Eagle flying over the production,  expect a memorable product.

"The money, parties, fancy nonsense, and image cultivation should be the least of your concern as a filmmaker.  Deliver quality entertainment... ensure that your work and vision carry on long past when your time on Earth has expired.´´

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