Since the 1920's, companies have been using commercials to reach their target audience.  This was mainly through the use of radio, a one dimensional approach which allowed them only to deliver their messaging via audio.  After World War II, the television set was born.  This allowed companies to deliver messages combining audio with visuals, directly into the audience's home.  
Fast forward almost a century later from when the radio was first used, to the digital age, where the online medium eclipses both the capabilities of radio and television.  Through the use of social media, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, any platform for that matter -- companies can effectively, with precision, deliver commercials faster, cover more ground, and better target their audiences. Effectively, if done properly, your business will grow while  saving time, money, and resources. 


Turend in the Woods

Strangely enough, 91% of companies still don't do anything with video marketing, but that is changing.  Many companies have realized, "if we aren't in the game, we are losing."  No growth leads to stagnation, which ultimately leads to closing the doors.  So with a sense of urgency,  they are embracing online marketing.  This is great, but... too many companies in the process of playing catch up, are biting off -- copying what others are doing.  This is no good.  To stand out and rise above the rest, you need to do something different. 


We here at Lion Eagle Productions believe in being unique and thinking outside the box. To achieve this, we believe your brand/company would benefit from the use of high end cinematic commercials. These will better raise awareness, connect with your audience, and leave a more positive, lasting impression.  

Interested, feel free to contact us and let's see what exciting and clever concepts we can come up with that will ensure continued growth and keep your business relevant.

Starry Kiss
Unique Story

Every commercial is unique written. Values and USP´s of a company or brand can be told in a way an audience don´t expect it. A short (cinematic) film brought into life and connected to a brand.

Everyone can tell a story or has a story to tell. We all want to share who we are, what we feel, how we think or what we do. But if you want to make sure that your story sticks to the audience or is being retold, you have to think about how a story is told. How the story is told is way more important than the subject. 
We make sure your story is going to be told in an unique way within an unique story.


Strong stories told in a cinematic way are more unique and have the best chance to achieve the deep emotional connection with an audience.
Using different emotions to tell a story captivates more interest in a brand and creates that  positive feeling towards your brand.

High End

We work with the best professionals in the market. We approach and produce every commercial from the point of view of a film. In this way, the quality will reach the highest value and so it is for the company in long-term. For high-end quality is consistensy, patience and budget necessary.


It doesn´t matter if your audience is more B2B or B2C-based. An audience consists human beings with a soul and feelings. You want to connect your company or brand with your audience in a positive way. You have to make sure in a world with a lot of distractions and competitors to be unique. With cinematic commercials we can make sure that you reach your audience in an unique way they have never experienced before. 


Your audience experiences your unique commercial as if they are watching a film. The combination of the story, dynamic camera movements, lightning, make-up, locations, special effects, music and high quality actors gains the cinematic experience to your commercial.

Stories sell

Benefits of cinematic commercial storytelling:

-- 49% growth, year on average is what is expected of companies that utilize cinematic commercials.  Is that an exact figure or absolute?  Of course not. There are things to factor in and to consider such as... what type of business you have.  Who the audience is.  Where it will be seen.  But, if you market, you will be able to stay in business, see growth, and stay relevant.

-- 94% of audiences, which are your customers or potential customers, will either have a better understanding of what services or products you provide. Or upon seeing this commercial for the first time, may be inclined to seek out and utilize your services and products.

-- 86% of companies that utilize cinematic commercials, experience more traffic to their websites and socials.  Continuing specifically with the social media platforms, cinematic commercials are shared on a 20x average.  So you have one person who has 500 followers and shares the commercial on socials. The potential is 500, but let's be realistic, it won't reach those 500. It depends on how active the sharer is and how engaged their followers are.  But even if the shared video reaches 10-20% of the followers and then they in turn share with their 500 or so followers -- you see where this is going.  It becomes exponential.  1 person turns into 50... 50 into 2500... 2500 into 125,000... so on and so forth. 
Online marketing has so much potential.


-- probably of most importance, 80% of businesses experience an increase in profits.

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Deep Stare

How does a  business/brand flourish and succeed?  

1) By providing services and creating products that people need.

2) When people are forced to utilize said services and products due to their specific or unique nature.  Or it could be that the customer's options are limited, which forces them to employ the company's services or products.

3) It could be by sheer fact that the service or product is "flash in a pan."  A hype -- the new craze.  People just want it.

With those three options above, of course it is very possible that you can cruise along, bask in glory, accumulate riches and tastevictory.  And you may very well be able to continue on a positive, successful trajectory, where you remain atop your throne.  But for many companies and brands, they will hit a point where they struggle -- have extreme ups and downs -- and a lot of times just fade away and ultimately close shop.

To avoid the pitfalls and possible doomsday scenario, you need AWARENESS AND GROWTH.  Ways that will enable your company/brand to connect with and build your customer base.  You might already have these in place.  But in a world full of competition, you need to find a way to hang in and hopefully move ahead of your competitors.  In a world full of distractions, your customer's attention and support are vital to the success of the business.

This is where the LION and EAGLE enter the fray.  Here at Lion Eagle Productions we are committed to helping your company/brand to continue to succeed and remain relevant.  And to do that, we present to you the Cinematic Commercial -- high end marketing video content.  With this form of media, we will look to promote your business with a story that wires into your business practices and transfers it onto the screen --- television, movie,  internet.  Now which medium you use, that is entirely up to you.  We are here just to create something that will create awareness and help your business grow.

So with this commercial, we begin by crafting a unique story, which we can then essentially build in the style of a "hollywood film."  We will use entertainment to drive business growth and build a customer base. To do this we will employ actors... dynamic camera work and visuals... sounds and music... with all of that we will work to find what emotions work best within the production so that your current customer base will remain satisfied and confident with what your business provides.  As for the potential customer, hopefully when they see the video, they will be inclined to take a chance and do business with you.

Finally, with a high end cinematic commercial, you show people that you... ARE IN IT TO WIN IT!

"Honesty and sincerity go a long way, maximize your efforts, put the work in, for yourself, the client, the audience  -- show them that you are IN IT TO WIN IT.´´

Charles W. Gordon III

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Your story deserves to be told in an unique way, in a cinematic way! 

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What our clients say...

Lion Eagle Productions takes into consideration the clients wishes and needs.  

They carefully discuss and examine possibilities that will allow them to plan, design and produce a unique commercial.  

With all necessary preparations in place and the right people selected from their network to assist with the project, they are able to produce a unique commercial.   

Lion Eagle Productions are very personal, flexible, and committed to delivering the perfect product. And you can see that in the end result.

I am very happy with what they have done with my first commercial.  

Thank you very much and good luck.

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