"Someone set the coffee, we have one of these again."  That's how it usually goes with these videos.  Most of the time it is plain and standard looking -- devoid of energy and contains visuals that do nothing to draw the viewer in.  Do you want your employees falling asleep and drooling over themselves or shooting rubberbands at one another?  I don't think so.  So to prevent this from happening, you need to present your employees with a video that will capture their attention and engage with them, both emotionally and visually.  Having a robotic figure with a monotone voice spout data, facts and figures will not achieve this objective.  It will do the exact opposite, it will turn them away.  We can't have that.  We must think outside the box.  That is where a story comes into play.  A well written or designed story will keep an individual  focused from beginning to end.  In the case of a corporate video, where you need to teach, instruct and enrich your employees lives -- a story is also possible.  But you're probably asking, " how do you tell that story in a corporate video?"  No worries, we have the answer... cinematic storytelling, a film.  Lion Eagle Productions believes this method of using movies, with stunning visuals and powerful emotions, will better train an employee.  Throughout the course of a film, the employees will stay engaged, focused from beginning to end.  They will absorb and retain the knowledge presented to them.  And hopefully they will be able to utilize all they have learned and put it to good use  in their professions.


When you think of corporate videos, you can think of many types that fall under the same category.

We have experience in creating corporate videos in which internal staff are trained.

But there are also company videos where stakeholders in projects need to be motivated or need additional explanation.

By using storytelling, we can turn any corporate video into a cinematic story that conveys the message.

For every corporate goal or target, we create a cinematic story.