On this page we will tell you about completed projects, but also projects that are in the production phase will be explained... 

Finished Project. Client: Panhuijsen Verpakkingen BV

(cinematic) Commercial: JURASSIC BOX  

Our own Hammond and Muldoon are ready to transport their main attraction...

Inspired by the Jurassic Park/World-movies we created a special Cinematic Commercial for Panhuijsen Verpakkingen BV (Tilburg, Netherlands). They gave us all of the creative freedom to produce this Cinematic Commercial. This commercial gained a lot of positive publicity for Panhuijsen Verpakkingen BV. 
Fun facts:

We built our own Indoor-Jungle completely custom made.  Soon we will release a 'Making-Of'-video how we produced this Jungle-commercial. We worked with a big crew. Lonneke van Boxtel made a custom Dino-Claw (SFX). Raymond Vrinds built 6 giant Decoration-Trees.

We would like to thank Michiel and Joost van Dijk (Panhuijsen Verpakkingen) for this opportunity! And of course the whole crew. Great cast! Good camerawork, sounds and lights!


Finished Project

Aftermovie-event: 'Avondje Tilburgse Kermis 2022'

A short recap of a night on the 'Tilburgse Kermis 2022'

Short Feelgood Movie: COMING HOME

Currently in Production


The Feelgood Movie about COMING HOME in the city where we live: TILBURG (Netherlands).
This film is a special ode to our city. With this short film we want to bring more people from TILBURG into contact with each other.

This film will be realized by sponsoring companies from TILBURG but also local people. We have set up a Crowdfunding for anyone who wants to help us create this special piece.


The film is about focusing on what you have instead of what you don't have. Changing the perception of a negative mindset into a positive mindset.

Ultimately, this movie is for everyone. Everyone comes from a place in the world and this film gives you the chance to be even more proud of the place you come from.

A film about three outsiders who travel to Tilburg for the first time from their motherland. CASEY: A tough American who is not easily impressed comes to town to be with his girlfriend. Busy and stressed Spanish MARTA visits an old friend and she expects everything to go exactly as she envisioned. And also VITO, an old Italian man who travels to Tilburg to be with his son. The travelers are confronted with their egos and stubbornness, the local residents, and their expectations of the city. Doubt and fear will give way to enthusiasm and confidence in the city. Tilburg, an inviting city that after all has something to offer for everyone...

'COMING HOME' is planned to be released the end of September.

Finished Project

Unique project: 'DOOFBOND'

A group of eight friends have a special annual event. Each time with a special theme.
This time the theme was JAMES BOND/007. A few years ago, the lion, Luke, paid tribute to this film hero in combination with his hometown of Tilburg. He made a movie trailer in style like the real Tilburg James Bond. The organizers of the annual friend-event saw this tribute on the internet and contacted Luke. In collaboration with Lion Eagle Productions, the eight friends 'acted' in their own real James Bond video.

Due to privacy agreements, we can only share shots of Luke and the bond girl Isis.

Still James Bond 3.jpeg
Still James Bond Smoking.jpeg
Still James Bond Bondgirl 2.jpeg