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Working with Lion Eagle Productions

Here at Lion Eagle Productions we are honest, hard working and passionate individuals. Dedicated to creating, producing, and delivering high quality projects. We have pride in what we do. With that said, we only want to work with companies who share the same sentiments.  Who are patient, understanding, and can recognize the benefits of a high caliber video project. Projects like Film, Commercial and Corporate videos. 

When you call for the Lion and the Eagle. That is exactly what you get. The Lion and the Eagle will be personally involved from the point of first contact, until the delivery of the finished product.  We communicate and operate in a transparent way, so that confidence and enthusiasm remain high throughout the project. 

"Every project begins with belief and a vision that this can happen.  The possibilities of a free and open mind are endless." - Charles W. Gordon III

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Bram Aarts, DOP

Lion Eagle Productions are driven gentlemen with a passion for storytelling, with attention to atmosphere and experience they find the right people for a professional and pleasant atmosphere on set. In short, definitely worth repeating!

Duncan Meijering, Actor

My first recording with these guys! And what a commercial: a Jurassic Park commercial for packaging boxes! I immediately noticed a good click at our meeting because these guys also love movies and want to show it. And believe me, they succeed with what I experienced on the shooting day. The atmosphere was good, the communication was nice and relaxed, and I went home with a good feeling. Not only was it fun, but we also just made something cool. A great collaboration and hope to get more with them! On to the next!

Nancy Timmermans-Vrinds, Owner Hypothekerij013

Lion Eagle Productions takes into consideration the clients wishes and needs.  

They carefully discuss and examine possibilities that will allow them to plan, design and produce a unique commercial.  

With all necessary preparations in place and the right people selected from their network to assist with the project, they are able to produce a unique commercial.   

Lion Eagle Productions are very personal, flexible, and committed to delivering the perfect product.  And you can see that in the end result.

I am very happy with what they have done with my first commercial!