Stories are important, they are fundamental for humanity.   They can build us up, by teaching and inspiring us to be positive, feel compassion  or empathetic -- boost trust, confirm, reaffirm one's position.  Offer clarity on who we are, why we do the things we do... help guide us throughout the journey of life.  Or  break us down in a negative way, by showing the darker side of humanity, our vulnerabilities.   With all that said, it's obvious that everyone has a story.  But how they tell a story is important.  How to tell it, where it delivers the maximal effect and leaves an impact on an audience?  That is where we come in.  We here at Lion Eagle Productions are willing and able to utilize story-telling through short form productions such as commercials and corporate videos.  Or in long form such as a feature length film.

Image by Nong V


A story begins as an idea -- in someone's mind.  That idea is then transferred from the mind using pen to paper, a typewriter, computer, or even verbal recording.  Stories can be told through art and pictures, symbols aligned in a certain manner.  With that said, we come to film, the great big puzzle of storytelling.  Many pieces are needed to tell a story on a screen.  You need pre-production, actors, cameras, lights, sound, visual effects, and other personnel who are specialists to take a story from paper and bring it to life onscreen.  Although it may be more time consuming and laborious -- the worlds, characters, emotions, visuals, themes, and messaging could be....


When using this short form of media to promote a brand or company, you must find a way to best use the little screen time you have. Storytelling can do this, by creating emotional connections between the audience and a brand.  But remember you might only have seconds -- maybe half a minute -- a minute, give or take to build an emotional connection with the audience.  With that said, we believe the art of cinema is the way to go.  When utilizing filmmaking techniques, you immediately have more means and options to tell your story in a unique way, which will more likely than not, guarantee an immediate and long lasting impact on the audience.  But let it be known, to achieve this objective you must:  be patient and understand, this method will require more pre-production, shooting time, and post production.  But we can almost guarantee that with our proper planning and a passionate, hard working crew dedicated to their specific functions -- Lion Eagle Productions will deliver something exciting and memorable for your brand or company.


"Someone set the coffee, we have one of these again."  That's how it usually goes with these videos.  Most of the time it is plain and standard looking -- devoid of energy and contains visuals that do nothing to draw the viewer in.  Do you want your employees falling asleep and drooling over themselves or shooting rubberbands at one another?  I don't think so.  So to prevent this from happening, you need to present your employees with a video that will capture their attention and engage with them, both emotionally and visually.